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GSA & Airport services 
About us
AZAIR.AZ provides the competence that makes us your ideal one stop shop for unmatched quality of GSA & Ground Handling Services in Azerbaijan. 
About us
Slots & Flight permissions
Reservation & Ticketing
Airport Operation Services
Financial services
Passenger sales
IT solutions
  • AVIATAP is one of leading Airport Operation Services provider in Azerbaijan.

  • AVIATAP is the official representative of Onur Air  (Turkey), Ukraine International Airlines (Ukraine), Nordwind Airlines (Russia), Fly Pegas (Russia), Pobeda Airlines (Russia), Air Arabia (UAE),  Wataniya Airways (Kuwait) at the Heydar Aliyev International airport and correspondingly, serves aircrafts according to the IATA standards.

  • PASHA Travel is the leading tourism entity in Azerbaijan with GSA & Retail Shop in Baku.

  • PASHA Travel has established a solid CRM database with more than 500 certified & branded as PASHA Holidays retail partners.

  • Cross operational development of GSA and DMC within the authority of the distributor.

  • Strong international management team with global experience.

  • Pricing and distribution network power. 

  • State of the art B2B and B2C online distribution channel.  

  • Financial leverage.

  • A strong supply chain that helps to obtain the right resources from suppliers and delivery the right product to customers in a timely manner. 

  • PASHA Holidays located in in the heart of the city: Port Baku, the main business and social hub.

  • Established brand name.

Our Founders

PASHA Holding through its subsidiaries, invests in banking, insurance, construction, property development, shopping malls and tourism.  PASHA Holding builds its business on the basis of effective management, corporate governance and through careful investment decisions.  


Some of the brands operating under the umbrella of PASHA Holding are:

PASHA Bank, Kapital Bank, PASHA Construction, PASHA Travel, PASHA Hayat, PASHA Insurance and PMD Group.


In Azerbaijan, the travel and leisure industries are experiencing a rapid growth. In response PASHA Holding has significantly expanded its tourism related portfolio in Azerbaijan and the region, notably Georgia & Turkey.


AZAIR.AZ is a joint venture by PASHA Travel and AVIATAP.

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